Registration No.1831 - Date of establishment : 1994 - Tel : 00983155472227- 9 / E-mail - Address(farm): Kashan- Qom road- 55 km from Qom - (Office) : P.O.Box.1338 - Alley arefati-ST 22 Bahman-Kashan

Abshirin agricultural & Industrial Corporation

Abshirin Agricultural

Industrial Corporation

History Abshirin agricultural and industrial corporation,first, registered in registration office of Tehran corporations as a private corporation . in 11.12.1994. In 1999 , all the stocks was purchased by Isar -e- fajr company (all investers of this company are Isargaran ; people who devoted their lives to war)and it converted to private corporation, and transferred to registration office of Kashan corporations . Activities Agriculture and gardening ,suppling agricultural equipment and facities,animal husbandry,breeding fish and birds,food products,etc. All projects are accomplished in an area of approximately 5000 acre in the Qom- Kashan road (55 km.from kashan &35 km from Qom)

Primary Investment Purchasing 3000acre land area for agricultural purposes with its document of title (No.76-Ghouloulou) Purchasing 2000 acre land area for agricultural,industrial &housing purposes with its document of title (No.102 shourab) purchasing 5 subterraneans and 8 wells(5 wells are active) Location of the plan before establishing the corporation: Major activities in 3000 acre agricultural site: Flattening more than 1200 acre of agricultural land Establishment of 14 km electric network from Abshirin village to agricultural wells:

Establishment of a flood gate (13 km.length,8m.width,4m height) around the owned land in order to prevent from probable flood damages. Establishment of a pool for water supply with capacity of 100,000 cubic meter:

Establishment of cement canal for water transfer with transfer copacity of 400 second PVC,Azbest & polyethelene piping in a distance of 40 km

Provision of 500 acre land for cultivationof wheet,barley,alfalfa, corn,estival- Establishment of 24,100 m length drain pipes for 1400 acre of owned land Establishment of dropping pressurized watering system for irrigation of 300 acre agricultural land-Establishment of 22km safety canals around the farm in order to prevent flood- water and entering wild animals into the farm

Utilization of 5 silo for fertilizer and dung with the capacity of 5000 tons Dredging 3 km of avaiable subterraneans Mechanized operation of implant and harvest

Establishment of different brands of pistachio gardens sush as Ahmad aghaei,ohadi,Kale ghouchi,Abbas ali & Akbari pistachios,in the area of approximately 600 acre - Establishment of pomegranate ,grape and rose flower gardens in the area of 40 acre Establishment of 150 km roads among farms & gardens Mechanized operation of implant and harvest



Establishment of 100 km wind break by suitable trees in order to reduce damages caused by storms Establishment of pistachio gardens

Main point of this plan and selection of pistachio was the property and exclusivity of the region climate and soil . Advantages and benefits of pistachio in compare with the other products is another reason for selecting it as the best choice . For better & easier irrigation , the 5 gardens of pistachio trees are separated by main roads. Each garden is divided into 10 to 13 sections and each section divided into 20 beds. With regard to variety of soil and slope of the region ,the pistachio planting was started in 1997 .right now ,we have 5 gardens of pistachio trees in 600 acre area and it can be developed into 900 acre.

Wells and subterraneans provide the water required for the pistachio gardens . Irrigation is composed of open watering canals ,underground water pipes,and pressurized water system.



establishment of different brands of pomegranates garden: 1. Shaveh soursweet brand 2.Natanz Naderi brand 3. Khorasan shisheh gap brand 4. Neiriz robab brand 5. Qom ghojagh brand

Establishment of rose flower garden (flower & flower juice (golab)producing)

surveying the ecology effect in relation with breeding Artemia franciscana fish (using region Natural water drainage)

breeding fish in the pool used for suppling water(different types of fish suchs Carp,Fitofog,Bighead,minnow,gold fish, ...)



Producing barley:Nosrat (Karoun dar kavir) brand,reihan brand ,kavir brand Producing wheet : bak kras roshan brand,kavir brand Producing brassica napus (Hyola401 brand) and cotton (Varamini brand)

Producing estivals such as : honeydew melon (Mashhadi,Garmsari and Ananasi brands),cantaloupe (samsouri & shahabadi brands), water melon Producing fodder such as alfalfa and corn